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Press release

From Monday, 10 October, 2022 until mid-November 2022, the Hungarian Concession Infrastructure Development Plc. will work continuously on various sections of the M1, M3 and M7 motorways. In the coming weeks, diversions and temporary lane closures can be expected in the areas of Bicske, Komárom, Kál, Gödöllő, Martonvásár, Balatonvilágos and Fonyód.

Before the onset of winter, MKIF Plc. will carry out reconstruction on sections where road condition requires the most. 127,000 square metres, almost 18 football pitches, will be resurfaced, if necessary with several layers.

This work is necessary to ensure that you can continue to use the motorways smoothly during the winter and to avoid deterioration of the roads.

The aim is to minimise traffic disruption. Of course, with this level of work, congestion is inevitable. Therefore, where possible, our colleagues will be working at night.

Please make sure you are aware of the current road closures before you start traveling. We will keep you informed of the current diversions and closures via ÚTINFORM. At the same time, we also ask you to drive carefully near construction areas, to pay attention to the signs and markings posted and to drive carefully past our workers carrying out the renovation, and to help each other when merging or switching lanes.

Thank you for your patience!

MKIF wishes you accident-free driving!

Budapest, 06.10.2022.

Communication Department

Not only you, but our colleagues are expected home too!

In recent weeks, there have been three accidents that endangered the lives of our colleagues…

On 3 October 2022, on the M44 motorway, our colleague was conducting his daytime road check when he noticed in his rear-view mirror that the lorry behind him was approaching without slowing down.

Our colleague tried to pull over to the right, but the driver of the lorry probably did not notice the flashing beacon on the road patrol car and drove straight into it without braking.

Fortunately, our colleague was not injured, but the rear of the road patrol car was completely destroyed.

On 23 September 2022, the truck of the Bicske engineering department was also involved in an accident. The truck, equipped with a special collision absorber, protected our maintenance colleagues and our mowing machine. The accident happened on the M1 motorway in the direction of Győr.

The lorry that caused the accident swept away the rear-view mirror of our car, but fortunately there were no personal injuries.

At kilometre 61 of the M1 motorway, our colleagues were mowing the vegetation next to the hard shoulder when an inattentive lorry driver drove into the mowing machinery.

One of our colleagues suffered minor injuries and was taken to hospital. The incident happened on 15 September.

Our colleagues on duty on the motorway work to keep traffic flowing smoothly and without disruption. Their work is important but also dangerous.

Please watch out and take care of them!

Drive carefully!

#mkif #azorszagutja

Interview with Mandiner: the M1 extension can start next year!

In an interview with Mandiner, Tamás Németh, CEO of the Hungarian Concession Infrastructure Development Company (MKIF) Plc. spoke about the tasks ahead of the Company, the expected developments and plans.

Photo: Árpád Földházi/Mandiner

As of September, the Hungarian Concession Infrastructure Development Company will operate and develop 1,237 km of domestic motorways. There was some protest about this, why was this change necessary?

The Hungarian state was driven by two things: one was that the number of vehicles using domestic roads has increased significantly, and the state has to adapt to this increase with its developments, both in time and space. The other is that the European Union is providing little or less funding for the development of the road network than it had in the past. It is in Hungary’s fundamental interest to ensure unhindered transit traffic. And it is also necessary that in the future there should be some kind of expressway within half an hour’s drive from anywhere in the country. The aim is clear: to build new roads faster and with better quality than before, and to improve existing ones. However, it is important that the roads remain the property of the state, and that the state remains responsible for setting and collecting tolls. We have no influence on this.

Read the full article here:

New logo on national motorways

The decaling of cars taken over from the Hungarian Public Roads Nonprofit Plc. is in full swing. Hundreds of cars, lorries and construction machinery will receive the logo of the Hungarian Concession Infrastructure Development Plc. at motorway engineering offices all over the country. On the motorways we operate, you will soon be able to see vehicles with the new stickers on them. Our colleagues are working, as they have always done, to make transport on the motorways as smooth and safe as possible.

We will build 272 km of new motorways in the next 35 years

In the first 11 years of the 35-year concession period, the Hungarian Concession Infrastructure Development Plc. will build 272 km of new motorways. Among other things, the construction of the M81 motorway, which aims to relieve the M0 motorway, will begin, with a length of 102 kilometres from Komárom to Sárbogárd via Székesfehérvár. This route, now called the M8 motorway, will run from Sárbogárd, along the M6 motorway, across the Danube to the north side of Kecskemét with a length of 76 km. According to plans, the 31-kilometre section of the M3 motorway between Vásárosnamény and Beregdaróc will be completed during this development period, which will also bring the M3 motorway all the way to the border. The 61 km section of the M4 motorway from Kisújszállást to Berettyóújfalu will also be finished, completing the full length of the M4 motorway. More than 100 bridges, overpasses and underpasses will be completed during the development period. 

MKIF Plc. expands its team by almost 900 people

As of 1 September, nearly 900 professionals will be transferred from the staff of the Hungarian Public Road Nonprofit Plc. (Magyar Közút Zrt.) to the Hungarian Concession Infrastructure Development Plc. The majority of our new colleagues will be working at motorway engineering offices alongside the motorways. They regularly patrol the roads, check the condition of the pavement, mow roadside vegetation, install traffic engineering equipment and signs, keep the roads and public toilets clean, paint pavement signs and deice roads. From 1 September, not only will the operating company of MKIF Plc. be joined by former “public transport” colleagues, but the buildings, equipment and vehicles of 18 engineering offices will also be transferred to us. These were purchased by the Concession Company from the Hungarian State at a value determined by an independent auditing company.

MKIF Plc. now operates 1237 km of motorways in Hungary

On 1 September, the operation and maintenance of 1,237 km of existing motorways will be taken over from Hungarian Public Roads Nonprofit Plc. by Hungarian Concession Infrastructure Development Plc. Over the next 11 years, MKIF Plc. will renovate 538 km of existing roads, to bring them up to standard, so to say. The company will also build 272 km of new motorways and add 273 km of new lanes to the existing network.

Under the contract, MKIF Plc. will also acquire 161 km of expressways, the construction of which will be carried out by the Hungarian State. After the construction of the new motorways, the Hungarian Concession Infrastructure Development Company will provide a total of 1670 km of motorway network. Under the agreement with the Hungarian State, the concession period is 35 years. At the end of the concession period, the Concessionaire Company will return a fully renovated road network under warranty to the Hungarian State.