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MKIF Plc. now operates 1237 km of motorways in Hungary

On 1 September, the operation and maintenance of 1,237 km of existing motorways will be taken over from Hungarian Public Roads Nonprofit Plc. by Hungarian Concession Infrastructure Development Plc. Over the next 11 years, MKIF Plc. will renovate 538 km of existing roads, to bring them up to standard, so to say. The company will also build 272 km of new motorways and add 273 km of new lanes to the existing network.

Under the contract, MKIF Plc. will also acquire 161 km of expressways, the construction of which will be carried out by the Hungarian State. After the construction of the new motorways, the Hungarian Concession Infrastructure Development Company will provide a total of 1670 km of motorway network. Under the agreement with the Hungarian State, the concession period is 35 years. At the end of the concession period, the Concessionaire Company will return a fully renovated road network under warranty to the Hungarian State.