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Not only you, but our colleagues are expected home too!

In recent weeks, there have been three accidents that endangered the lives of our colleagues…

On 3 October 2022, on the M44 motorway, our colleague was conducting his daytime road check when he noticed in his rear-view mirror that the lorry behind him was approaching without slowing down.

Our colleague tried to pull over to the right, but the driver of the lorry probably did not notice the flashing beacon on the road patrol car and drove straight into it without braking.

Fortunately, our colleague was not injured, but the rear of the road patrol car was completely destroyed.

On 23 September 2022, the truck of the Bicske engineering department was also involved in an accident. The truck, equipped with a special collision absorber, protected our maintenance colleagues and our mowing machine. The accident happened on the M1 motorway in the direction of Győr.

The lorry that caused the accident swept away the rear-view mirror of our car, but fortunately there were no personal injuries.

At kilometre 61 of the M1 motorway, our colleagues were mowing the vegetation next to the hard shoulder when an inattentive lorry driver drove into the mowing machinery.

One of our colleagues suffered minor injuries and was taken to hospital. The incident happened on 15 September.

Our colleagues on duty on the motorway work to keep traffic flowing smoothly and without disruption. Their work is important but also dangerous.

Please watch out and take care of them!

Drive carefully!

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