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MKIF Plc. expands its team by almost 900 people

As of 1 September, nearly 900 professionals will be transferred from the staff of the Hungarian Public Road Nonprofit Plc. (Magyar Közút Zrt.) to the Hungarian Concession Infrastructure Development Plc. The majority of our new colleagues will be working at motorway engineering offices alongside the motorways. They regularly patrol the roads, check the condition of the pavement, mow roadside vegetation, install traffic engineering equipment and signs, keep the roads and public toilets clean, paint pavement signs and deice roads. From 1 September, not only will the operating company of MKIF Plc. be joined by former “public transport” colleagues, but the buildings, equipment and vehicles of 18 engineering offices will also be transferred to us. These were purchased by the Concession Company from the Hungarian State at a value determined by an independent auditing company.