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We will build 272 km of new motorways in the next 35 years

In the first 11 years of the 35-year concession period, the Hungarian Concession Infrastructure Development Plc. will build 272 km of new motorways. Among other things, the construction of the M81 motorway, which aims to relieve the M0 motorway, will begin, with a length of 102 kilometres from Komárom to Sárbogárd via Székesfehérvár. This route, now called the M8 motorway, will run from Sárbogárd, along the M6 motorway, across the Danube to the north side of Kecskemét with a length of 76 km. According to plans, the 31-kilometre section of the M3 motorway between Vásárosnamény and Beregdaróc will be completed during this development period, which will also bring the M3 motorway all the way to the border. The 61 km section of the M4 motorway from Kisújszállást to Berettyóújfalu will also be finished, completing the full length of the M4 motorway. More than 100 bridges, overpasses and underpasses will be completed during the development period.