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The road of the country.

Learn about the Hungarian Concession Infrastructure Development (MKIF Magyar Koncessziós Infrastruktúra Fejlesztő) Plc.

From 1 September, the operation, maintenance and development of 1,237 km of existing Hungarian motorways will be taken over by the Hungarian Concession Infrastructure Development Plc.

As the winner of an EU open public procurement tender launched by the Hungarian State, MKIF Plc. undertakes not only that it will ensure the safe maintenance and operation of the existing network for 35 years, but also that it will build 272 km of new motorways and expand 273 km of existing network within 10 years as part of the contract.

MKIF Plc. aims to ensure a smooth transition. In order to achieve this, nearly 900 employees of Hungarian Public Roads (Magyar Közút) will be employed by the Concession Company’s operating company. The motorway management companies, their assets, vehicles and real estate of the sections concerned will be purchased from the Hungarian State by the Hungarian Concession Infrastructure Development Plc. at a value determined by an independent international auditing company.

Users of the motorway network will not be facing any changes. The amount of the toll will continue to be set and collected by the Hungarian State.

It is the clear intention and obligation of MKIF Plc. to improve the current quality of the motorway network and to make transport even safer and faster for everyone.

Let the journey be an experience – on the road of the country.

MKIF Plc. wishes you a safe and pleasant journey.

Find out more about the road sections operated by MKIF Plc. and the planned improvements here.

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The aim of MKIF Infrastructure Management (MKIF Infrastruktúra Üzemeltető) Plc. is to ensure that motorway users can travel safely and without disruption